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Here are some of the products we offer.  Click images for larger view.
All products are Made in the USA!!

Single Round Cloth Belt Loader


As reviewed in the April 2006 edition of Small Arms Review Magazine.  Loads .308/7.62 NATO, .30-06 or 8mm cartridges in cloth belts for the 1917, 1919A4, M37 series of guns, both full-auto and semi-auto.  Designed to feed from the right or the left.  Parkerized finish.  1/4" diameter mount holes.  Includes Manual, spacer bolts for all three calibers and belt awl.
$340.00 +S/H

1919A4 Headspace Gauge
This headspace gauge is used to adjust headspacing to a starting point.  From there, the headspace is adjusted to the ammunition.  Machined from O1 steel, it is precision ground to within .0002" of 1/8" (.125").  One end is chamfered to allow easy insertion into the bolt face area, the other has a 1/8" hole for mounting a chain.  Gauge ships in oil exuding plastic for rust prevention.  Please keep this gauge oiled to maintain its accuracy!
$17.50 +S/H

Uzi Permanent Stock Bushing
The permanent stock bushing is used to convert the Quick Disconnect stock mounting hardware so it may be permanently mounted to a semi-auto carbine. Using the same bolt as the permanent collapsible stock, the bushing replaces the original bushing and does not protrude from the back plate allowing the mounting hardware to sit flush. CNC machined from steel and finished in manganese phosphate "parkerizing." NOTE: Original stock mounting hardware must have the button machined to flush and a hole drilled in its place for the bolt. Also the stock must have a relief drilled for the bolt head.
$10.00 +S/H

Uzi Low-Profile Extended Charging Handle
Replaces the cocking knob which interferes with sight picture and also allows for use of optic sights. CNC machined from steel bar stock. Fits full-size and mini size Uzis. Finished in dark gray manganese phosphate "parkerizing." Includes instructions.
$37.00 +S/H

Uzi Display Barrel

Uzi display barrel for full-size or mini-size Uzi. CNC turned from steel barstock. Finished in dark manganese phosphate "parkerizing" to better match the receiver finish.

$27.50 +S/H

P90/PS90 One-Piece Extended Accessory Rail

One-Piece Extended Accessory Rail for the P90/PS90 series rifles. CNC Machined from 6061 Aluminum with a flat black thermally cured moly resin finish. This MIL-STD-1913 rail works on either the right or left side of the receiver. Unlike other rails, this is one piece and does not utilize spacers or stand-offs. Includes mounting screws.

$24.50 +S/H

Reproduction FM 23-45/TM 9-1005-212-25


Combination manual consists of: Field Manual 23-45 Chapter 1 “Browning Machine Gun, Caliber .30, HB, 1919A4 Ground” with Technical Bulletin 23-45-1 “Browning Belt Filling Machine, Cal .30, Shuttle Type.” 49 Pages. This manual covers function and operation, cleaning and user adjustments. Applicable to the use and safe operation of the 1919 series of guns. Technical Manual 9-1005-212-25 “Organizational, DS, GS and Depot Maintenance Manuals Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List, Machine Gun, Caliber .30: Browning 1919A4 Flexible F/E, Machine Gun, Caliber .30: Browning M1919A6 W/E, Machine Gun, Caliber .30: M37, Mount, Tripod, Machine Gun: Caliber .30, M2, W/E.” 99 Pages. This manual includes organizational, DS, GS and depot level repair and maintenance.  Included are all diagrams, parts and repair tools tables.  This is an excellent resource to learn about detailed repair procedures on the 1919 series of guns. Heavy card-stock covers for durability and wire-bound to lay flat.
$12.50 +S/H

1919A4 Headspace Wrench
This headspace wrench is used for adjusting headspace to turn the barrel while installed in the gun.  No need to remove the backplate and pull the internals to adjust headspace.  Wrench is carbonitride hardened.  Eliminates prying on the barrel or receiver and possibly scratching the finish.  Instructions for use can be seen HERE.
$14.00 +S/H

Uzi Permanent Fixed Stock
Hardware Machining
Service: Machining of customer supplied Uzi SMG fixed stock hardware. This allows the SMG fixed stock to be used on a semi-auto carbine meeting the BATFE "permanently attached" standard requiring tools to remove the stock. Includes machining stock mounting hardware and stock bushing. Although non-functioning, it retains the stock retention lever for that authentic look. All metal parts (including butt-cap and wood screws if supplied) are re-finished in manganese phosphate "parkerizing".  Includes replacement bolt. Stock must be drilled for bolt head clearance.
$35.00 +S/H
 $40.00 +S/H w/stock relief drilled

Uzi Ambi Charging Handle

Ambidextrous Extended Charging Handle. Replaces the cocking knob which interferes with sight picture and also allows for use of optic sights. CNC machined from steel bar stock. Fits full-size and mini size Uzis. Finished in dark gray manganese phosphate "parkerizing." Includes instructions..

$45.00 +S/H

Galil Stock Spacer

Replaces worn/damaged stock spacer. Machined from Delrin/Nylon. Simply tap out the existing stock spacer and slide replacement into position.

$10.00 +S/H

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